Northrop Grumman schedules B-21 rollout for December 2

Northrop Grumman

Northrop Grumman revealed that the B-21 Raider, the United States Air Force’s (USAF) upcoming strategic bomber, will be unveiled on December 2, 2022.  

The B-21, which is intended to replace the B-2 Spirit and the B-1 Lancer, will be showcased at Northrop Grumman’s assembly facility in Palmdale, California.  

Northrop Grumman posted the announcement on Twitter, alongside another teaser clip of the aircraft.  

Both the reveal and first flight of the B-21 have already been delayed several times. Nevertheless, the USAF and Northrop Grumman maintain that the aircraft should take to the skies in early 2023.  

The manufacturer has previously revealed that several B-21 airframes have been produced, with at least some finished and having performed some ground tests in Palmdale.  

However, the appearance of the aircraft has not yet been disclosed, with Northrop Grumman and the USAF having only revealed concept images and videos so far.  

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