Low-cost Bonza reveals ‘all-Aussie’ on-demand menu, ditches catering trolleys


Australia’s latest airline, low-cost carrier Bonza, has announced that it will commit to serve meals exclusively from Australian suppliers. 

The airline released its ‘all-Aussie’ food and drinks menu on November 10, 2022, and it includes products like non-alcoholic beer and banana bread waffles, all produced by Australian small to medium businesses.


image: Bonza

The airline will also respond to the growing trend for zero-alcohol beverages by offering drinks like Heaps Normal Quiet XPA non-alcoholic beer.

Passengers who like their morning brew will also be served cans of cold drip coffee from Groundskeeper Willie, a Sunshine Coast-based company.

Healthy fava beans by the Happy Snack Company, also based on the Sunshine Coast, will be served as treats for traveling families. 

Some of the proceeds from the carrier’s ‘all-Aussie’ meals will also be heading to worthwhile platforms and foundations.

Profits from chocolates from the Mildura Chocolate Company, for instance, will go into creating training and employment opportunities for people facing barriers to employment through disability or disadvantage.

Affordable snacks from the flights also include Aussie Biscuits, a social enterprise who employ people with disabilities in Forbes, regional NSW. 


image: Bonza

There will also be an abundance of vegan and vegetarian options on board such as: vegan and keto-friendly AmazeBalls Popped Cheese from Ashgrove Cheese and vegan-friendly, kettle-cooked potato chips from Chappy’s Snacks. 


image: Bonza

“Our all Aussie menu is something we are very proud of. Going all Aussie means we are supporting local businesses and their suppliers,” Carly Povey, Chief Commercial Officer at Bonza said in a statement sent to AeroTime.

“It also means we are helping SMEs get exposure to new markets as the entire menu will be offered on all of our 27 routes,” Povey added.

Bonza has also ditched onboard catering trolleys and instead, its cabin crew will be assigned seat rows to look after during each flight. 

Passengers will order and pay for as many or little items as they like on the Fly Bonza app and have them delivered to their seats. They will be welcome to make multiple orders during a flight, which means that the people in the last row no longer have to wait for everyone else to be served and risk missing out on a meal preference.


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