Sweden to support Ukraine with a new $287 million military aid package

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Sweden will support Ukraine with a new aid package worth $287 million, including an air defense system.  

The new aid package was announced by the Sweden Ministry of Defence on November 16, 2022, includes both military and humanitarian support for Ukraine and is considered Sweden’s largest to date.   

“The military aid package is larger than all the previous eight aid packages of military equipment combined, and the humanitarian package is the largest sent so far,” the ministry said in a statement.   

The package will include simple military equipment, such as body armor, tents and masking nets, as well as an air defense system and the necessary ammunition, which will help Ukraine defend itself against the recent onslaught of Russian missile attacks.  

A single unit of the Swedish Armed Forces, the Air Defence Regiment, currently operates the Swedish RBS 70 man-portable air-defense system (MANPADS) as well as several US-made MIM-23 Hawk surface-to-air missile systems. 

Although the Archer Artillery System (FH77BW L52) has been high on Ukraine’s wish list for a while, it was not included in Sweden’s latest support package.   

Biden asks US Congress to provide more than $37 billion in Ukraine emergency aid 

Meanwhile, President Joe Biden is asking Congress to provide more than $37 billion in emergency aid to Ukraine, according to an AP News report released on November 15, 2022. 

At least $21.7 billion will be dedicated to military, intelligence, and other defense support while approximately $14.5 billion will be allocated for humanitarian aid. The package is also expected to include up to $900 million dedicated to health care and support services for Ukraine’s refugees living in the US as well as around $626 million for nuclear security support to Ukraine. 


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