Vision 2035: Ethiopian Airlines to double fleet, network and expand partnerships

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Ethiopian Airlines aims to double its fleet and destination network with its ambitious ‘Vision 2035’ strategy. The airline already operates the largest fleet and destination network in Africa.  

“In vision 2035, we have aimed to nearly double the number of destinations that we will be flying by increasing the number of destinations from 131 today to 207; and to cover this expansion, we have planned again to double the number of aircraft in our flight from 140 to 271,” Ethiopian Airlines Group CEO, Mesfin Tasew, who took up the role in March 2022, told state media, Ethiopian News Agency (ENA). 

Today Ethiopian Airlines is recognized domestically and internationally as the most reputable and profitable airlines in Africa. 

The airline also seeks to carry 65 million passengers, 3 million tons of cargo, and generate $25 billion dollars in revenue by 2035, Tasew added.  

Described as the “Lufthansa Group of Africa” by the former Group CEO Tewolde GebreMariam, Ethiopian Airlines partnerships with a number of African airlines is yielding both positive developments and profitability, Tasew said. 

“A good example is ASKY Airlines, which has a hub in Lome, Togo, that was set up before 12 years to serve the West African countries. This airline today covers 25 destinations within West Africa, providing very reliable air transport service and becoming profitable for its shareholders. Ethiopian airline has a share in the order of 27 percent and at the same time it is managing the airline,” Tasew continued.  

Tasew also highlighted that Malawi Airlines, in which EA manages and holds a 49% stake, was performing well, while EA’s joint venture with the Democratic Republic of Congo to set up an airline had been finalized and was nearing commencement.  

The CEO added that the airline’s most recent agreement with the Nigerian government to establish national carrier Nigeria Air was in the “final phase of negotiation”. 

However, this venture has been met with opposition from local Nigerian airlines. 

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