Car thief rams through checkpoint at Israel’s Ben Gurion Airport, shots fired

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A wrong turn and poor navigation skills thwarted a carjacking plan when the thief accidentally ended up at Israel’s Ben Gurion International Airport (TLV).

The suspected car thief from Palestine rammed through a checkpoint at TLV airport, setting off security alarms which resulted in airport guards shooting at the carjacker.

The Times of Israel reports that the suspect was “lightly wounded” in the shooting, and will be questioned by police after receiving medical treatment. 

Video footage of travelers crouched on the ground inside the airport while the shoot occurred have circulated on social media. 

Local police told Reuters that the suspect is a Palestinian who was in Israel illegally, and mistakenly drove the stolen car into TLV airport. An Israel Airports Authority spokesperson said that this was the fifth incident of the same kind in just months.

Israeli officials said that taking the wrong exit at the Tel Aviv-Jerusalem highway leading to the airport has been the common mistake made by car thieves. A police spokesperson also added that the incident happens almost every week.

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