Qantas baggage handlers caught deliberately mishandling checked-in bags

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Qantas baggage handlers at Melbourne Airport (MEL) were caught on camera rough handling passengers’ checked-in luggage.

The minute-long video uploaded to TikTok and Twitter shows three baggage handlers deliberately slamming bags onto the conveyor belt and audibly laughing. 

At least two bags were seen held high and slammed hard into the belt, in a way reminiscent of a wrestling move.

The Guardian reports that the baggage handlers are employed by subcontractor Swissport, which the airline uses for ground handling services at MEL airport.

A Swissport spokesperson told The Australian that the baggage handlers are stood down while an investigation is underway.

“The actions of staff in the video appear to have contravened those service level standards”, the spokesperson said.

 “As a result, the staff in question have been stood down pending an urgent investigation,” the spokesperson added.

Australian airports, including MEL, have experienced staff shortage in 2022 when travel returned post-pandemic. In August 2022, Qantas invited its executives and management level employees to switch to ground handling roles at major airports for three months in order to help alleviate staff shortages.

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