Emirates Airbus A380 diverts to MUC due to medical emergency

Emirates Airbus A380 was forced to divert to Munich Airport due to a medical emergency
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An Emirates Airbus A380 was forced to divert to Munich Airport (MUC) due to a medical emergency on board. 

The aircraft, registered as A6-EOZ, was operating Emirates flight EK15 from Dubai International Airport (DXB), the United Arab Emirates (UAE), to London-Gatwick Airport (LGW), the United Kingdom (UK), when it was forced to divert away from its original flight path above Germany. 

Pilots of the Emirates double-decker chose Munich Airport (MUC) as their diversion point, where they landed at 12:49 pm local time (UTC +2), according to flightradar24.com data. Prior to landing, the flight crew changed their transponder code to 7700, indicating a general emergency on board an aircraft. 

“Emirates flight EK 15 from Dubai to London Gatwick on 12 September was diverted to Munich due to a passenger medical emergency,” an Emirates spokesperson said in an email to AeroTime.  

They added that once the Airbus A380 landed at MUC, medical personnel met the ill passenger, who stopped his journey at the German city to receive “necessary treatment”. 

“Flight EK 15 then departed Munich and continued its journey to London Gatwick,” the representative continued. 

According to flightradar24.com data, the Emirates Airbus A380 departed MUC at 3:08 pm local time (UTC +1). It is scheduled to arrive at LGW at 3:26 pm local time (UTC +1). Originally, flight EK15 is scheduled to land at London’s second-busiest airport at 12:35 pm local time (UTC +1) daily, per flightradar24.com schedules. 

In addition to flight EK15, Emirates also operates flights EK9 and EK11 to fly to LGW. The airline also operates flights to London Heathrow Airport (LHR) and London Stansted Airport (STN). Flights EK1, EK3, EK5, EK5, EK29, and EK31 connect DXB and LHR, while flights EK65 and EK67 operate between DXB and STN. 

According to ch-aviation.com data, A6-EOZ was delivered to Emirates in May 2016. The aircraft has a total of 519 seats, split between 14 first, 76 business, and 429 economy class seats.

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