Aegean redefines the meaning of cool with new neo-era branded uniforms

New Aegean uniform cabin crew

The Greek flag carrier Aegean has launched new uniforms for its cabin crew, ground staff and pilots that could quite possibly redefine the meaning of cool.  

In a step away from the traditional flight crew attire Aegean has produced a functional but stylish uniform with a huge punch of blue that will have other airlines gasping with envy.  

Aegean last launched a new uniform in 2015 in collaboration with fashion designer Sophia Kokosalaki, while the latest edition is with renowned brand Zeus+Δione.   

New Aegean uniform pilots

The new design is part of Aegean’s new brand vision which is known as neo-era and represents a “sustainable and dynamic” future that “embodies the true spirit of Greece” and the airline’s values. 

The new uniforms, which complete the neo-era branding, were designed by the creative direction of Marios Schwab to align with the carrier’s new livery and new cabin.  

“Drawing inspiration from the color palette of the Greek sky and sea, Zeus+Δione has created a collection of outfits that combine the Greek heritage with AEGEAN’s neo-era philosophy while in parallel focuses on diversity and inclusion, and thus contributing to the company’s vision for continuous improvement of passenger experience and the comfort of its crew,” the airline wrote in a statement launching the uniform.  

New Aegean uniform flight attendant

As of October 23, 2023, Aegean’s captains, cabin crew and ground staff will also welcome passengers in their new uniforms. 

“Classic tailored silhouettes are thoughtfully accented with attached neck scarves, geometric asymmetries, and contrasting linear accents that underscore the garments’ structural finesse,” the airline added. 

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