Aeroflot reactivates Boeing and Airbus aircraft 

Air India is looking to avoid supply chain constraints and operate Aeroflot cabins on its incoming Airbus A350 aircraft
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According to reports in the Russian media, Aeroflot is preparing to bring 12 of the aircraft it placed in storage last year back into service. 

The aircraft to be reactivated constitutes a mix of Boeing 777, Boeing 737-800, A321 and A350 aircraft. 

Two of them, a B777 (registration RA-73139) and a Boeing 737-800 (RA-73110), are in fact already back in service. 

This follows an announcement by the Russian Ministry of Transportation that the subsidy program for domestic flights will be extended. Earlier this month, some reports appeared suggesting that the ending of this program would bring about a ticket price increase of between 15 and 30%

Aeroflot, whose fleet is mostly made up of Western-made Airbus and Boeing jets, can’t access parts and spares directly from the OEMs at present. As a result, it is exploring alternative methods of getting its aircraft serviced, such as sending them for maintenance to Iran. 

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