Aeroflot and Rosatom confirm Airbus and Boeing parts to be replicated from 2024

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In September 2023, Aeroflot and Rosatom signed a memorandum of cooperation that will see the companies produce their own replica Airbus and Boeing aircraft parts that can be used for planes in Russia.  

Airlines in Russia have been starved of replacement foreign aircraft components and parts due to sanctions imposed by the United States and the European Union.  

The sanctions, put in place in response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, have made it impossible for airlines such as Aeroflot to import Airbus and Boeing parts legally.  

Currently airlines in Russia are forced to rely on their own engineers to fix maintenance issues rather than receive help from Boeing or Airbus.  

According to Russian news publication Izvestia, full production of the replica parts will begin in the first half of 2024. 

While Aeroflot has the aviation knowledge, Russian state-owned Rosatom, has the technical ability and production capabilities.  

Izvestia spoke with the General Director and Technical Director of Aeroflot, Alexey Mikhalik, about the type of components that will be manufactured.   

“We will be engaged in the development, certification and production of aviation components for all types of foreign aircraft – for cabins, aircraft trunks, structural repairs, and so on. The following areas are planned: air and water filter elements; plastic, metal, composite, honeycomb, rubber products; composite products; electronic equipment of the passenger cabin – inverters, power supplies, sensors, heating and lighting components, lighting and display equipment,” Alexey Mikhalik, said. 

According to Mikhalik scientific research, testing and production of products are already underway. All the parts and components will need to be certified by the Federal Air Transport Agency.  

“Currently, together with the Federal Air Transport Agency, the procedure for processing the required documentation for their use on aircraft is being clarified,” Mikhalik told the publication. 

Earlier in 2023 Izvestia reported that the Russian carrier S7 Airlines was already collaborating with Rosatom to produce water and air filters and brake discs. 

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