AeroTime Women in Aviation campaign reaches two years

Women have been making significant contributions to the aviation industry since its very beginning. From the first female pilot to modern-day pilots, engineers, and executives, women have played a critical role in forming and shaping the industry. Despite their significant contributions, women in aviation have faced numerous obstacles, including discrimination and a lack of opportunities.

Understanding these challenges and with a long way to go until the aviation industry reaches true gender equality, AeroTime launched its Women in Aviation campaign back in 2021.

Since then, the ongoing campaign has addressed the gender imbalance in the industry, advocated for women in aviation, and highlighted the important contributions and achievements that they bring to the sector.

During these two years, our journalists have spoken with numerous inspiring and pioneering women working in the various sectors of aviation: from maintenance and engineering and business leadership to policy and, of course, flying.

We looked back at some of the prominent historical figures without whose contribution aviation would not be what it is today. We also looked at the future generation of women who will help shape the industry for years to come.

There is still much work to be done to address the gender imbalance in aviation. Women continue to face barriers and remain significantly underrepresented in most areas of aviation, including air traffic control, maintenance, and flying.

However, by continuing to promote gender diversity and supporting women in aviation, the industry can ensure that it is leveraging the full talent and potential of its workforce. By taking action to promote gender diversity, the aviation industry can continue to break down barriers and ensure that women have equal opportunities to succeed.

With this spirit in mind, for the next few weeks AeroTime will be publishing more exclusive content that demonstrates the professionalism, value, and creativity that women bring to the industry.

Keep an eye on AeroTime for exclusive interviews with some of the incredible women working in the field, including legendary pilots, innovators, and leaders.

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