In pictures: 22,000 new Air India seats to be fitted on Boeing and Airbus jets

Air India's Boeing 787 suffered a burst tire upon takeoff from Delhi, India
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More than 22,000 new Air India seats are to be installed across both Boeing and Airbus widebody jets. 

Air India reached an agreement with the German outfit RECARO which will undertake the mammoth project for both linefit and retrofit programs over the next five to six years.  

Air India selected RECARO’s CL3710 and the brand-new CL3810 for economy class, while the PL3530 will outfit the premium economy cabin. 

RECARO Air India Economy Class

The first phase of this collaboration involves the retrofitting of 40 Boeing 787 and 777 aircraft with CL3710 and PL3530 seats, set to enter service in 2024.   

The same seat configuration will also be adopted for 12 Airbus A350s and 787 aircraft entering service in 2025. 

While an additional order for 34 Airbus A350 and 787 aircraft will be fitted with CL3810 in economy and PL3530 in premium economy. 

RECARO Air India Premium Economy Class Recline

“We’re happy to get into this partnership with Recaro Aircraft Seating,” said Campbell Wilson, CEO and MD, Air India, said. “This will help us offer an enhanced experience for our passengers at this transformative time for Air India and add value to our passenger-centric focus making us more competitive on the global aviation stage.” 

According to RECARO the PL3530 offers “unparalleled comfort, functionality, ample stowage, and a generous 7” recline” while the economy CL3710, “features a six-way adjustable headrest with neck support, enhancing sleeping comfort”. 

The brand-new CL3810 comes with “spacious seating, ample legroom, a six-way adjustable headrest, and lumbar support”. 

RECARO Air India Premium Economy Class

“Designed with customization and modularity in mind, the CL3810 brings together comfort innovations and a sleek, modern aesthetic for economy class travelers,” RECARO said.  

All 22,000 seats will showcase Air India’s signature custom trim and finish and latest inflight entertainment systems will also be integrated into each one. 

Having placed a record-setting order of 470 aircraft, Air India currently has 117 operating in its fleet and will be receiving a new jet every six days throughout 2024.   

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