Akasa Air CEO on track for three-digit aircraft order by the end of 2023

Akasa Air

The CEO of Indian carrier Akasa Air has confirmed in an interview that the air airline is on track to make a three-digit aircraft order by the end of 2023.  

Speaking to ET Infra, Vinay Dube, who is also Akasa Air’s founder, said the company was “confident” in making the announcement for the new planes.  

“By the end of this year we will be placing a triple-digit order,” Dube confirmed in the interview.  

However, in a tweet by Akasa Air on July 26, 2023, the news was described as a “potential” three-digit aircraft order.  

In the same interview Dube also told ET Infra that the airline will launch international flight operations by the end of 2023. 

News of a large aircraft order by Akasa Air has been rumored for many months. 

In March 2023, Dube hinted that the airline will place a large plane order and recruit 300 pilots.  

“By the end of the year, we will place a large order for aircraft. I’m not going to disclose the number, but the order will be in three-digits, and it will be significant,” Dube said. 

Also, in June at the Paris Air Show India’s newest airline announced it was increasing its order for Boeing 737 MAX aircraft with the purchase of a further four 737-8 jets.   

With the order of four additional aircraft, the Indian carrier’s order book comprises 76 jets, which include 23 737-8s and 737-8-200 planes.   

Akasa Air launched in 2022 with its first 737-8 and now operates a fleet of 19 airplanes across 16 destinations.   

Dube also confirmed in the recent interview, which appears to have taken place on July 13, 2023, that it was a “matter of days” before Akasa Air’s 20th aircraft arrives.  

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