ANA presents sustainability livery for turboprop, crushed seashell safety cards 


All Nippon Airways (ANA) has unveiled a special green livery for one of its DHC8-Q400 aircraft. 

From October 23, 2023, the newly painted aircraft will be raising awareness about ANA’s sustainability initiatives as it operates regional routes throughout the Japanese isles. 

Since 2021, ANA’s ‘Future Promise Jet’ is the name under which the airline has gathered several projects aimed at reducing the environmental impact of its operations. 

In this instance, the DHC8-Q400 aircraft will not only raise awareness through the special livery but will also include a number of other features highlighting the airline’s commitment to sustainability. 

For example, the fuselage has been fitted with a thin film-like material, produced by Nikon Corporation, which adds a riblet texture, producing what is known as ‘shark skin effect’ for added aerodynamics.  

The technology in question has been tested in recent years by airlines such as Lufthansa. ANA now intends to try it out in order to evaluate the possibilities this material offers when it comes to lowering air resistance and the subsequent contribution to CO2 emissions reduction.  

The aircraft’s safety instructions card, meanwhile, will be made from crushed scallop seashells. This organic material is produced by Koushi Chemical Industry by crushing scallop seashells collected around Sarufutsu Village, in Hokkaido, Japan’s northernmost island. 

The headrests will also be made from organic, recyclable material: vegan leather produced by appcycle Inc. using residue resulting from the production of apple juice in Aomori prefecture. 

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