Atlantic Airways to launch first direct flights from Faroe Islands to New York

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Americans can now directly fly to one of the least explored destinations in the world: the Faroe Islands.

Atlantic Airways, the flag carrier of the Faroe Islands, has announced the launch of its first direct transatlantic flight from Vagar Airport (FAE) to New York’s Stewart International Airport (SWF). FAE airport is the only airport in the Faroe Islands.

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The route will be served by Atlantic Airways’ Airbus A320neo, with 174 economy seats. 

The flight schedules have not been revealed yet, however, tickets can be booked by May 15, 2023.

The once-a-week service will run from August 22 through October 4, 2023

Faroe Islands location

The Faroe Islands are located halfway between Scotland and Iceland in the Northeast Atlantic.

It is an archipelago of 18 mountainous islands, with a population of 52,000.

The flight duration between Vagar Airport to Stewart International Airport in New York is just over six hours, with no stopovers.

Tourism in the Faroe Islands

Tourist interest in the Faroe Islands picked up in 2014, and its lone airport opened a new terminal in anticipation of more tourists. 

The islands’ unspoilt and unexplored sights are what intrigues tourists to visit the country, where sheep outnumber people

In 2020, Hilton opened the Hilton Garden Faroe Islands, the very first global hotel chain in the islands.

Because tourists continually search for off the beaten track destinations, the Faroe Islands’ tourism board was able to maintain its pre-pandemic momentum.

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