ATR unveils five new luxury cabin concepts 


European turboprop aircraft manufacturer ATR has unveiled a new collection of five high-end cabin concepts called ATR HighLine at the Aircraft Interiors Expo, which is taking place in Hamburg from June 6-8, 2023. 

The new offering is clearly oriented towards premium operators, both in the commercial and executive aviation, each addressing the need of a specific segment at the top end of the air travel market. 

The “Multi-Class” cabin, for example, has a 50-seat interior layout which includes a dedicated firs class section, a relatively unusual feature in an aircraft of this size. 

The “All-Business Class” cabin can seat up to 30 passengers and is designed for Part 135 and premium airlines which aim to offer a corporate-like experience. Think the likes of JSX or Aero. 

The “Premium-Flex” offers, as the name suggest, flexibility as the key feature, and can quickly convert a standard 2-2 cabin layout to a more corporate-like 1-1 configuration equipped with ATR’s “X-Space Table” concept. The latter offers a wide solid side-desk for the passenger to leave their personal items during the flight. 

There is also a “Multi-Section” cabin interior, which has been designed with heads of state and senior government officials in mind. 

Finally, there is also a so-called “Bespoke VIP,” which, as the name implies, can be customized to match the needs and tastes of each operator with a high-end clientele in mind. 

Interestingly, the European aircraft manufacturer is positioning its turboprops as a clean alternative, not just to regional jets but also to executive aircraft. 

“(…) Our aircraft offer the same cabin size as the largest business jets while cutting carbon emissions in half. We are the only aircraft manufacturer in the world to offer this,” Tarek Ben Omrane, ATR’s head of Business Development, stated in the company’s announcement.  

According to figures provided by ATR, its turboprops reduce fuel consumption and carbon emissions by 45% compared to a jet of comparable size.  

This is quite an important point, since, as evident at the recent European Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition in Geneva, the corporate jet industry is aware of the reputational problem that its environmental footprint represents. Sustainability is a topic that is likely to dominate the conversation in the industry for some time to come. 

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