AURA Aero reveals final design for hybrid-electric aircraft concept 


French startup AURA Aero has revealed the final design of its hybrid-electric aircraft currently under development. 

The ERA, a 19-seater, 900nm-range aircraft designed for the regional market, was unveiled during a public presentation on May 12, 2023. 

One of the novelties is the eight-engine configuration, up from the six included in previous designs.  These will be powered by two turbogenerators as well as four electric battery packs in an 800V network. AURA Aero claims that the ERA will reduce energy and maintenance costs by 50% and emissions by 80% compared to the current generation of conventionally powered aircraft in the 19-seater category.  

The ERA is expected to perform its first flight in 2026 and enter commercial service in 2028. 

AURA Aero recently started work on its new research and production facility at Toulouse-Francazal airport, in the South of France, where it will manufacture the ERA as well as a light 100% electric two-seater aircraft called the “Integral E”. 

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