Australian company to deliver counter-drone system to Ukraine

Credit: EOS

Australian company Electro Optic Systems (EOS) has produced and will soon dispatch its innovative Slinger counter-drone system to Ukraine. 

According to EOS, the Slinger system provides precise long-range firepower with a lightweight weapon, that can be mounted on standard vehicles, such as pickup trucks.  

This system is designed to counter the ever-increasing threat of drone attacks with a single, lethal shot. It combines a tracking radar and a 30mm Bushmaster M230LF stabilized cannon with specialized ammo. It can engage targets at a distance of more than 800 meters (about 2,624 feet). 

“We’ve seen this massive proliferation of drone threats in Ukraine,” Matt Jones Executive Vice President of EOS told ABC on October 2, 2023. “The issue is the types of systems you would currently use to defeat drones are way too expensive to defeat a $10,000 or even a $1,000 drone.” 

The Slinger’s primary advantage lies in its cost-effectiveness. Jones revealed the EOS is aiming to neutralize drones at a price range of $155 to $1,550 per engagement, a stark contrast to missile-based anti-drone measures. Currently, Ukraine’s troops are using missile systems such as the US-made Vampire to destroy Russian drones, with missiles such as the AGR-20 priced at $22,000 per unit. 

EOS’s expertise in the space business, particularly in tracking small objects in space, has been leveraged to develop Slinger’s tracking capabilities for fast-moving drones. 

EOS has confirmed that 10 Slinger system units are currently in production and will be delivered to Ukraine by the end of 2023 as part of the US military aid package. 

According to the Australian Industry & Defense Network, the Ukraine version of Slinger will work in coordination with Northrop Grumman’s M-ACE (mobile–acquisition, cueing, and effector) system, another anti-drone system that was delivered to the country. 

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