BAE Systems launches FalconWorks research division

BAE Systems

British manufacturer BAE Systems unveiled a new division within its Air Sector known as FalconWorks.  

This new initiative will be dedicated to research and development in the field of air capabilities for the United Kingdom and its allied nations. 

“The creation of FalconWorks is a reflection of the changing environment and our goal to ensure innovative technology development is at the core of everything we do,” Dave Holmes, Managing Director of FalconWorks at BAE Systems, said in a statement. “This new division builds on our established expertise in world-leading combat air programmes such as Typhoon, F-35 and Tempest to unlock opportunities to expand our portfolio and deliver the breakthrough technologies which keep our customers ahead.” 

FalconWorks already boasts more than 1,000 employees in six sites across the United Kingdom. It will conduct research on various fields such as artificial intelligence, nanotechnologies, additive materials and techniques, and low observation materials.  

Such solutions will likely be leveraged in the Global Combat Air Programme (GCAP), a “system of systems” built around a sixth-generation fighter jet, and the result of a merger between the BAE Systems Tempest, and the Japanese Mitsubishi F-X programs. 

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