Bombardier’s EcoJet V2 takes leap in reducing emissions


Bombardier presented the second phase of its EcoJet research project during the NBAA-BACE 2023 in Las Vegas.

The EcoJet research project initiated 15 years ago is driven by the ambitious goal of slashing emissions from business jets by up to 50% by developing technologies specifically tailored to aircraft with an integrated wing and fuselage, which will be applied to the next generation of sustainable business aircraft.

The EcoJet V2 represents a significant leap from its predecessor, boasting a wingspan twice as wide as the initial prototype.

“Our engineers are eager to start working with the results yielded by this second phase of the flight test program,” said Stephen McCullough, Senior Vice President of Engineering and Product Development. “Building on the significant data drawn from the initial flight-testing phase, and now leveraging a model twice as large as the first prototype, we can further refine our analysis. With each additional experimental stage, we are paving the way for more sustainable aircraft designs and new technologies.’’

Bombardier’s team initiated practical tests of their theoretical groundwork back in 2017, using an initial prototype with a wingspan of around 2.4 meters. In 2022, Bombardier’s EcoJet research project’s V2 prototype, boasting a wingspan of 5.5 meters, took off for its maiden flight. The manufacturer expects the flight campaigns to last several years.

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