Chapman Freeborn OBC announces sustainability plans to reduce global carbon emissions

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Chapman Freeborn OBC, leading provider of time-critical onboard courier solutions, and part of Avia Solutions Group, has announced sustainability plans which encompass carbon neutralization and green office initiatives.

The on-board courier specialist has partnered with award-winning sustainability management platform, WAVES, to calculate their carbon emissions and offset these accordingly by financing sustainability, neutralization, and carbon removal projects across the globe.

These projects are managed on the ground by a combination of companies and NGOs, who work with local communities for the long-term betterment of biodiversity, marine life, indigenous communities, and, ultimately, planet Earth.

Chapman Freeborn OBC is including all journeys in their carbon emission calculations – whether packages are transported by plane or by road.

In addition to this carbon neutralization and removal initiative, Chapman Freeborn OBC is also working to make their office locations more sustainable. Their Cologne office now runs on 100% European-sourced green energy, 10% of which is solar. The company is also phasing out its use of exclusively petrol cars, with every vehicle added to the company’s fleet in the past two years being an electric/petrol hybrid.

Felix Deutscher, Business Development Manager at Chapman Freeborn OBC, said, “Sustainability is the key to a better future. We are fully aware of the environmental impact our business model causes, which is why we decided to take action. We are taking an active role in making the OBC product more sustainable by investing in carbon offsetting and removal projects, while also emphasizing the importance of personal carbon reduction efforts.

“Chapman Freeborn OBC is committed to making a positive impact, and we are resolute in our goal of addressing global carbon emissions to create a more sustainable future.”

Chapman Freeborn OBC is funding their carbon removal and sustainable office projects to ensure the associated cost of enjoying a neutralized service is not transferred to their customers.

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