China increases military activity in Taiwan Strait amid US delegation visit

H-6 bomber. Credit: Fasttailwind /

Chinese fighter jets have crossed the median line of the Taiwan Strait again, with at least nine entering Taiwan’s southwest Air Defense Identification Zone (ADIZ).   

24 Chinese aircraft, including J-10, J-11, J-16, and SU-30 fighter jets and H-6 bombers, were detected by Taiwan on July 4, 2023.  

The country’s Ministry of National Defense stated that a joint combat patrol was also conducted by four vessels from the People’s Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) in the region. 

In response, Taiwan deployed the Civil Air Patrol (CAP) aircraft and intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) system to monitor the situation, as well as naval vessels, and land-based missile systems. 

The incident took place during a visit to Taiwan by US House representatives and members of the Republican Study Committee (RSC). The country, which China claims as its territory, stated that it welcomes two to three foreign delegations each week. 

“Partly it’s to combat disinformation, there is this image going around that Taiwan is one of the most dangerous places on Earth,” the Taiwanese defense ministry said during a press briefing, as reported by the state-owned television channel TaiwanPlius.  

“By inviting people here, to see Taiwan for itself, how its democracy functions, how it is dealing with intimidation from China I hope people can see Taiwan is still a good place to do business with,” the ministry added.  

China has stepped up its military actives around Taiwan in recent months, entering Taiwan’s ADIZ on several occasions. On June 30, 2023, 11 Chinese aircraft crossed the median line of the Taiwan Strait, while China’s newest warship, Shandong, sailed through the Taiwan Strait on June 21.  

On April 8, 2023, more than 70 Chinese planes and nine ships crossed the median line of the Taiwan Strait and conducted three-day military drills around the island. 

Despite regular Chinese military activity in the vicinity, Taiwan maintains that daily life in the country has continued as usual.  

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