China recruits first female pilots for growing aircraft carrier fleet

China are looking to recruit female pilots to fly its fighter jets on the country's fleet of aircraft carriers
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The Chinese People’s Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) is looking to recruit its first ever female pilots as more people are needed to fly fighter jets on its growing aircraft carrier fleet.

According to a pilot cadet brochure published in China in February 2023, both young men and women are being invited to come forward.

While recruitment for pilots is normally aimed at students attending military college, the new guidance announced that all pupils from “local ordinary colleges and universities” can apply.

Global Times reported that the reason behind the accelerated recruitment is the rapid development of the PLAN’s aircraft carrier sector.

The PLAN currently has two combat-ready aircraft carriers, named Liaoning and Shandong, with the third, Fujian, being fitted out.

“Carrier-based aircraft pilots are at the core of the combat capabilities of aircraft carriers, and the accelerated transformation of the PLA Navy means that the demand for carrier-based carrier pilots is increasingly urgent,” one Chinese navy officer reportedly told Global Times.

According to the publication China has around 100 aircraft carrier jets and needs about 200 pilots.

Among the conditions for recruitment are that students are single, no older than 24 years of age and 165-185cm tall.

Female applicants must be over 48kg and no one will be accepted onto the traineeship if they are color blind or have tattoos.

Character-wise all recruits must be determined to join, longing to fly and brave.

China’s ageing population and low birth rate is also causing concerns for the Chinese People’s Liberation Army.

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