Disgruntled pax who missed flight makes bomb threat, forces evacuation at LAX

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What do you do when you miss a flight? It’s normal to panic, rebook tickets, or even cry…. but certainly not make up a bomb threat.

A passenger who was disgruntled after missing his flight from Las Vegas Airport (LAS) to Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) faked a bomb threat in anger, prompting evacuation of passengers in a JetBlue aircraft.

Airport officials told US media outlets that the passenger, who has not been publicly identified, missed his flight from Las Vegas but that his luggage remained onboard the plane.

The passenger then called the airport, announcing a bomb threat, claiming that his luggage contained explosives.

Firefighters, police, and bomb squad personnel were dispatched in minutes on the LAX airport tarmac.

The aircraft was held on the tarmac for more than an hour before passengers were allowed to deplane via a truck-mounted staircase.

The LAX Police Department conducted an investigation to ensure that the aircraft and the passenger’s luggage was indeed bomb-free.According to Fox 5 news, Las Vegas police officers back in Nevada have taken “enforcement action” against the vindictive passenger

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