Embraer C-390 reaches Full Operational Capability with Brazilian Air Force


The Embraer C-390 Millennium transport aircraft has achieved Full Operational Capability (FOC) with the Brazilian Air Force (FAB). 

The FOC was issued by the Brazilian Institute of Industrial Development and Coordination, during a ceremony held at the Embraer Unidade Gavião Peixoto Airport near Sao Paulo, Brazil, on April 3, 2023. 

“The C-390 is redefining the military airlift and refueling space, challenging the thinking behind current and future generation platforms,” says Bosco da Costa Junior, President and CEO of Embraer Defense and Security. “Air forces around the world are focused on matching their ever-evolving operational needs with their budgets, seeking a platform that can perform multiple missions, recognizing that today’s choice will affect their operational capabilities tomorrow.”  

During the event, Embraer also initiated the delivery of the sixth unit of the C-390 to the FAB, which is the first one in the FOC configuration.  

The previous aircraft delivered to the FAB will undergo an update to obtain certification, and all the aircraft intended for export will also receive this certification. 

What is the C-390 Millennium? 

The C-390 Millennium is a tactical transport aircraft that can conduct a variety of missions, ranging from humanitarian support, medical evacuation, search and rescue, troop and cargo transport. It can even be configured for aerial refueling and waterbombing.  

Powered by two specially designed Pratt and Whitney V2500-E5 engines, it can carry 26 tons of cargo. It is the biggest aircraft produced in Latin America.    

The five aircraft the FAB has received so far are in KC-390 configuration, meaning that they can conduct aerial refueling missions. 

In October 2022, following negotiations in which the FAB attempted to reduce the program to just 15 aircraft, the manufacturer agreed to cut the order from 22 to 19 KC-390 Millennium twin-jet airlifters. 

In addition to the domestic order, Embraer has a backlog of five aircraft for Portugal, a partner in the development of the aircraft, two for Hungary, and five for the Netherlands. 

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