Embraer confirms launch customer for P2F conversion in China with E-Jet deal

Embraer E190F Lanzhou freigther

Embraer has signed a Letter of Agreement (LoA) at the 54th Paris Air Show with Lanzhou Aviation Industry Development Group for 20 E190F and E195F E-Jets Passenger-to-Freight Conversions (P2F). 

The two companies also plan to work together in the establishment of E190F and E195F conversion capability in Lanzhou, China.  

The duo believes this will support and accelerate the introduction of E-Jet first generation freighters to the valuable Chinese market. 

With the signing of this LoA, Lanzhou Group becomes the launch customer for Embraer’s P2F conversion in China, and the base in China for Embraer’s P2F conversions. 

“The opportunity in China had a significant influence during the decision-making process of the launch of our P2F program. It is a market with increasing demand for cargo aircraft to accommodate the tremendous growth of E-commerce trade and the consequent evolution of the logistics industry,” Arjan Meijer, president and CEO Embraer, said. 

Meijer added: “We’re confident in this booming market and always willing to support the sector’s further progress in cooperation with our Chinese partners. We welcome Lanzhou Group to be the region’s launch customer for Embraer’s P2F conversion, and we expect to bring new vitality to Chinese market with our E-Jets freighters.” 

Chen Zhiqiang, President of Lanzhou Aviation Industry Development Group, said the company was “honored” to be the launch customer and the project will lead to “high-quality economic development” in Lanzhou, Gansu, and western regions of China. 

“We believe the ‘China speed’ in aviation logistics will be an important basis for the sustainable and efficient growth of the Chinese economy,” Zhiqiang said. 

Embraer launched the E190F and E195F Passenger-to-Freight Conversions program in March 2022, supporting the high demand for cargo and positive market trends in China.  

Embraer forecasts a market demand for 700 E-Jet freighters over the next 20 years. The Chinese market is forecast to need 240 freighters of this size, accounting for 34% of the global total, powered by demand from the e-commerce and logistics sectors. 

The maximum gross structural payload is 13,150kg for the E190F and 14,300kg for the E195F. 

The E190 and E195, the two models included in the P2F program, are some of Embraer’s bestselling commercial aircraft of all time.  

Currently, there are 85 E-Jets flying with Tianjin Airlines, Hebei Airlines, Beibu Gulf Airlines, and Colorful Guizhou Airlines in China.   

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