Emirates gains 58 new pilots as latest cadets graduate from its training academy

Emirates flight training academy

Dubai-based carrier Emirates has gained an additional 58 new pilots after its latest round of cadets graduated from its flight training academy. 

The aviation industry might be suffering from a shortage of pilots, but Emirates is certainly fighting back with an impressive system in place to secure future aviators.  

On December 14, 2023, the UAE flag carrier announced that its latest batch of cadet pilots graduated from the Emirates Flight Training Academy (EFTA) after months of training on the ground and in the skies. 

It is the fourth generation of EFTA graduates, with 162 cadet pilots coming through the training system since its inception. There are currently over 300 cadets enrolled.  

Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Emirates Airline and Group presented the cadets with their certificates at a special ceremony.  

“Emirates Flight Training Academy plays a crucial role in our airline’s strategy, nurturing Dubai’s vision of being a sustainable aviation hub, attracting top talent globally, and supporting the country’s Emiratisation goals. Our cadet pilots fly the Emirates flag globally, represent our nation’s aviation ambitions, contribute collectively to the industry’s workforce and expand its pilot pipeline,” the CEO said. 

He added: “Today, we not only celebrate their individual triumphs but their collective impact. Congratulations to our graduates and I hope to fly with them soon. They will steer our fleet into the future.” 

The graduates completed approximately 113 weeks of training with over 1,100 hours of ground-based and 270 hours of flight training.   

“Today marks a significant milestone in my personal and professional journey, and I couldn’t be happier to stand before you as a proud female Emirati pilot. Today, is not just about the wings I have earned, but the journey I’ve started,” Fatima Al Ghumlasi, Emirates cadet graduate, said.   

According to Boeing, the demand for training services has shown significant recovery, however, the global pilot shortage is set to remain a challenge for airlines worldwide.  

The aircraft manufacturer predicts demand for 649,000 new commercial airline pilots between 2023–2042. 

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