Emirates swaps Boeing 777 for Airbus A380 on flights to Vienna for limited time

Emirates Airbus A380

Dubai flag carrier Emirates has announced that it will restart Airbus A380 flights to Vienna in Austria for a limited period. 

In a statement on January 9, 2024, Emirates said over a special winter period it will use an Airbus A380 instead of a Boeing 777-300ER to fly between Dubai and Vienna on some flights. 

From February 21, 2024, until March 30, 2024, flights EK127 and EK128 will be upgraded to a three-class A380 aircraft, to maximize the number of people who can travel to the popular European city at a busy time of year.  

“The deployment of our A380 until the end of the winter schedule is a great milestone for us, which emphasizes the importance of Vienna as a destination and as a departure point. We naturally hope that our flagship will return permanently in the future,” Elisabeth Zauner, Country Manager Emirates Austria, said.  

Emirates Airbus A380 flights to Vienna ceased in August 2022 and currently no other airlines operating the superjumbo fly to the Austrian capital.  

Emirates confirmed that the evening flights EK126 and EK125 will continue to be served as usual with a B777-300ER.     

The use of the A380 means that almost 40% more passengers can be transported to Vienna on each flight during the winter period.  

Emirates’ flight EK127 leaves Dubai at 8:55 am and arrives in the Austrian capital at 12:25 pm. The return flight EK128 departs Vienna at 3:10 pm and arrives in Dubai at 11:40 pm.     

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