European Commission recommends funding Hydis2 hypersonic interceptor study


The hypersonic interceptor study proposed by the MBDA-led Hydis2 consortium has now been recommended for funding by the European Commission. 

Comprising 19 partners and over 20 subcontractors spread across 14 European countries, the consortium submitted a proposal for a concept architecture and technology maturation study of an endo-atmospheric hypersonic interceptor in May 2022. 

The study involves multiple interceptor designs with different architectures: one two-stage and two three-stage interceptors. The aim is to have a viable interceptor capability ready by 2030. The proposal submitted by MBDA includes testing activities at the technology brick level to ensure the concept’s robustness and viability. 

The European missile manufacturer MBDA announced on August 2, 2023, that the project has now been recommended for funding by the European Commission under the European Defence Fund 2023. 

The consortium comprises various companies and research centers from several European countries. The French, German, Italian, and Spanish branches of MBDA are joined by other entities, including ROXEL France, ArianeGroup, Lynred, and Thales LAS France representing France. The German participation includes the MBDA subsidiary TDW and Bayern-Chemie. Italy is represented by Avio and the General Electric subsidiary Avio Aero. The Dutch manufacturer GKN Fokker and Thales Netherlands are also involved in the collaboration.  

Furthermore, research centers such as ONERA, DLR, ОНВ, CIRA, and TNO will actively participate in the program. The project also includes partner countries like Sweden, Finland, Romania, Hungary, and Austria. 

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