Eurowings PAX forced to buy $184 worth of nuts to avoid severe allergic reaction 

Eurowings Airbus A321

A passenger on a Eurowings flight was forced to buy every bag of nuts on her flight to avoid experiencing a severe allergic reaction. 

The low-cost carrier passenger said she had no choice but to purchase the 48 packets of nuts on the flight after crew members failed to ban the snack on her flight.  

Leah Williams, 27, told the Mirror that she asked Eurowings flight attendants to announce her allergy to passengers and request they did not eat nuts on the flight.  

But her request was not carried out by crew members, whereupon she decided to spend $184 on purchasing every single packet to prevent anyone eating them.  

“The stewards looked at me blankly like I was crazy and said, ‘But there is a lot, we’ll have to count them all.’ I said, ‘Please do count them and I will pay for them all, seeing as you have left me with no choice,’” Williams said. 

Williams, who was flying from London to Dusseldorf, is asking for a refund from the airline and said that Eurowings should be “ashamed” of how they managed the incident.  

Eurowings has claimed that it cannot guarantee a nut-free environment on their flights because customers are allowed to bring their own food onboard. 

 “Our medically trained cabin crew always has access to medication to provide emergency care in the event of an allergic shock,” a spokesperson said. 

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