EVA Air collision: Airbus A321 hits parked Boeing B777 causing severe damage

CCYTW / Shutterstock.com

Two EVA Air planes suffered damages after a ground handling accident occurred at Taiwan’s Taoyuan International Airport (TPE) on April 16, 2023.

The planes involved were an empty Airbus A321-200 which was being towed, and a Boeing B777-300ER, with registration B-16740, also empty, that was parked on the runway. 

According to local news, the A321, with registration B-16227, was being towed by a driver for EVA Air Logistics. 

The driver accidentally entered the apron while turning on the taxiway, causing the wingtip of the A321 to hit the B777’s fuselage just under the cockpit.

Photos uploaded to Twitter clearly show damage sustained by both aircraft. The A321’s wingtip can be seen embedded into the fuselage of the B777, near the nose. 

The same A321 aircraft was involved in an August 2021 tailstrike on balked landing in Guam. 

In a statement seen by Taiwan English News, EVA Air said that it had informed the relevant authorities of the incident, and is still investigating the causes and extent of damage to the two planes.

The airline also said that the employees involved in the accident have been suspended.

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