Eve Air and Blade strengthen partnership for eVTOL launch in Europe

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Eve Air Mobility

Eve Air Mobility and Blade Air Mobility will strengthen their longstanding partnership to transform air transportation in Europe and extend their memorandum of understanding (MoU). 

At the Paris Air Show, the two companies confirmed that starting in France they will lay the foundation to integrate Eve’s electric vertical take-off and landing aircraft (eVTOL) or electric vertical aircraft (EVA) into Blade’s European route network. 

“The continued partnership between Eve and Blade showcases the dedication and collaboration of both companies to transform the aviation industry and introduce electric air transportation to new regions,” said Andre Stein, Co-CEO of Eve. “By combining our expertise and resources, we are committed to expanding advanced air mobility with innovative solutions that make travel more accessible for passengers and drive significant environmental improvements.” 

In September 2023, Blade acquired the charter and scheduled flight operations of three of the largest urban air mobility operators in Southern Europe: Monacair, Héli Sécurité and Azur Hélicoptère.  

Their integration into the new MoU with Eve will position them as crucial contributors to ongoing technical and commercial discussions. 

“Extending our partnership with Eve underscores Blade’s commitment to leading the transition from conventional to electric vertical aircraft,” said Rob Wiesenthal, CEO of Blade. “Our shared vision for a safer, quieter and more sustainable future in air travel is the driving force behind this collaboration. The introduction of Eve’s aircraft into our European network will mark a significant step towards realizing this goal. Together, we are poised to transform the travel industry and make a lasting positive impact on the environment.” 

Blade is set to focus on developing practical applications for Advanced Air Mobility (AAM), including identifying future routes in France and other European countries that could support AAM operations. 

In 2022, Eve entered into an agreement with Blade India to deploy up to 200 eVTOLs in the country. 

The year before, Blade and Eve signed a Letter of Intent (LOI) for operations in the United States, enabling Eve to provide up to 60 eVTOLs annually in the West Coast, New York and Florida markets. 

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