F-18 fighter jet crashes at Zaragoza airbase: video

Spanish F18 fighter jet Hornet
Iepan Dragos / Shutterstock.com

A F-18 fighter jet crashed at Zaragoza airbase in the Spanish city, but the pilot was able to eject from the aircraft moments before.  

Details about the incident were confirmed by the Spanish defense ministry which also said the pilot was in hospital, but his life was not in danger. 

Footage of the crash on Saturday, May 20, 2023, was shared on social media. 

In the video the F-18 can be seen plummeting to the ground followed by a large explosion and huge fire ball engulfing the area.  

“This morning there was an accident at the Zaragoza Air Base involving an F-18 from Ala 15,” the defense ministry said. “The pilot has successfully ejected, and the aircraft has landed within the perimeter of the base.” 

It is understood that the fighter jet was training for a flying exhibition at the time.  

The Guardia Civil law enforcement agency told the Associated Press that the pilot suffered injuries to his legs due to the low altitude ejection.  

The pilot, who fell outside the airbase perimeter, reportedly said that the F-18 had suffered a malfunction.  

The Guardia Civil will investigate the incident in conjunction with the military to understand exactly what caused the jet to crash. 

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