‘Dumb ways to fly’: FAA ridicule out of control passengers in scathing video

FAA video Dumb ways to fly
FAA / Twitter

The Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) has launched a scathing revoke to passengers who misbehave on flights in a video on social media.  

The 27-second clip posted on Twitter on June 26, 2023, shows four occasions where unruly passengers have lost control on flights.  

But perhaps the biggest sting in the tail is the accompanying music the FAA use.  

In a soothing melodic acoustic song, the female vocalist sings, “Dumb ways to fly” as the unruly passengers hit people and are subdued.  

The song appears to be an updated version of a TikTok trend in 2023 which uses a similar tone and voice but instead sings, “Dumb ways to die”. 

Despite the humorous approach, the FAA’s message is serious and clear, with passengers told they could face huge fines for unruly behavior and be reported to the FBI.  

“Bad behavior is just dumb! You can be fined up to $37K per violation and be referred to the @FBI for criminal prosecution. You can’t afford it,” the FAA tweeted.  

The “Dumb ways to die” song originated in 2012 in Australia to help raise public awareness of the dangers when using the metro system.  

According to website Auralcrave the song was by Ollie McGill, a member of the Australian band The Cat Empire, and the voice belongs to Emily Lubitz, the vocalist of the band Tinpan Orange.   

In April 2023, the FAA said it had referred more than 250 of the most serious cases to the FBI since late 2021 under a partnership aimed at ensuring unruly airline passengers face criminal prosecution when warranted.   

The FAA pursues legal enforcement action against any passenger who assaults, threatens, intimidates, or interferes with airline crewmembers, and can propose civil penalties up to $37,000 per violation. 

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