FAA releases series of unruly passenger memes including Halloween fancy dress

FAA unruly passenger meme fancy dress Halloween costume

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has released a series of comical memes to highlight the consequences if passengers behave badly on a flight.  

The first meme released is a mock-up fancy dress costume pack which contains an outfit for both an unruly passenger and a police officer.  

The pretend costume pack comes with a $37,000 price tag, the same amount a passenger could be fined if they cause problems on a flight, and a number of accessories and extras. 

These include duct tape, zip tie cuffs, a cancelled ticket, fines and an unemployment application.  

In the meme a woman is dressed as the police officer and a man is pictured in sunglasses, a white shirt, jeans and wrapped in duct tape.  

FAA Unruly Passenger Meme Wheel of Fortune

“Unruly behavior outside the Halloween store and inside the airplane really does result in hefty FAA fines and possible jail time. The agency has a Zero-Tolerance Policy against this type of behavior, hands out fines of up to $37,000 for each violation and routinely refers the most egregious cases to law enforcement,” the FAA wrote in a statement accompanying the memes. 

Other memes set to be released include one inspired by the game show ‘Wheel of Fortune’ and the movie ‘Fight Club’. 

FAA Fight Club unruly passenger meme

There is also one of an elderly woman pointing her finger, looking very disappointed with a caption that reads, “Don’t embarrass me! I raised you better than to act that way”.   

Another meme shows a pilot in the cockpit looking into the camera with the caption, “Don’t make me turn this plane around”. 

The FAA says that threatening or violent behavior are an ongoing problem and airlines have seen rapid growth in occurrences since 2021. In 2023 there are already 1,701 reports of unruly behavior. 

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