Fed up American Airlines captain ‘lectures’ passengers on proper flight behavior

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An American Airlines captain appears to have had enough of unruly behavior on flights and gave passengers a lecture on proper decorum prior to takeoff.

A passenger on the Boeing 737 captured the captain’s speech on video. 

The captain’s lengthy monologue captured almost every flight scenario, from listening to flight attendants and social graces on the mobile phone to middle seat etiquette.

The passenger jokingly captioned the video: “Thank you for coming to his (pilot) TED Talk.”

This is the captain’s full speech:

“Remember, the flight attendants are here for your safety. After that they’re here to make your flight more enjoyable. They’re going to take care of you guys but you will listen to what they have to say because they represent my will in the cabin, and my will is what matters.

Be nice to each other. Be respectful to each other. I shouldn’t have to say that. You people should treat people the way you want to be treated. But I have to say it every single flight because people don’t. And they’re selfish and rude and we won’t have it.

Do your stuff. Get it out of everybody else’s way. Put your junk where it belongs. Everybody paid for a space. Don’t lean on other people. Don’t fall asleep on other people. Don’t drool on them, unless you’ve talked about it and they have a weather-resistant jacket.

Alright, a little bit of fatherhood here. The social experiment of listening to videos on speaker mode and talking on a cell phone in speaker mode, that is over. Over and done in this country. Nobody wants to hear your video. I know you think it’s super sweet. It probably is, but it’s your business right? So keep it to yourself. Use your airpods, use your headphones, whatever it is. That’s your business, okay? It’s just part of being in a respectful society.

Middle seaters, I know it stinks to be in the middle. Raise your hands. Raise them up. Anybody in the middle? Like 5 people. Yeah right that’s full. Alright nobody’s listening. Fine. You own both armrests. That is my gift to you. Welcome on board our flight.”

The captain’s dialogue received a lot of praise on social media, with some commenting that those complaining are the ones who needed to hear it the most. 

Some said that while the tone may be patronizing and didactic, it needed to be said because adult passengers often act like children these days. 

In recent months, flights have been turned back, and passengers offloaded for reasons such as: calling a cabin crew ‘waiter’, arguing over a mobile phone charger, and punching flight attendants.

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