FedEx to celebrate 50th 777F with special fuselage sticker

FedEx will celebrate its 50th Boeing 777F delivery out of the factory with a special sticker
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FedEx will celebrate its 50th Boeing 777F cargo aircraft with a special sticker on the aft side of the fuselage.

Pictures shared on the social media site X (formerly known as Twitter) showed the aircraft, registered as N874FD, sporting a special “FedEx 50th Boeing 777” sticker. The Boeing 777F performed its first-ever flight on August 21, 2023, departing and arriving at Everett Paine Field (PAE) following a two-hour and 46-minute flight, according to data.

However, the aircraft will be the 50th 777F delivered to FedEx by Boeing since it delivered the cargo carrier’s first Triple Seven, registered as N850FD, in September 2009. Currently, the company operates a fleet of 53 Boeing 777Fs, according to data. also showed that five of these, namely aircraft now registered as N880FD, N844FD, N843FD, N842FD, and N840FD, were acquired from Air France, while three came from ASL Airlines Belgium, and Etihad Airways, respectively.

The ex-Air France Boeing 777F was delivered to FedEx in March 2010, while the three former ASL Airlines Belgium airframes were handed over to the United States (US)-based cargo airline between February and April 2017.

Lastly, FedEx took delivery of the ex-Etihad Airways Boeing 777F in January 2021, records showed.

Boeing is expected to deliver another 777F, registered as N872FD, to the airline soon. That aircraft completed its first flight on August 7, 2023, operating two more flights on August 12 and August 17, 2023.

FedEx has a fleet of 486 aircraft, including the 53 Boeing 777Fs. Out of the 486, 135 are currently stored or in maintenance, including the now-retired 58 McDonnell Douglas DC-10F and 23 parked MD-11F aircraft, data showed.

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