Global Airlines contract A380 expert firm with first jumbo expected within months

Global Airlines A380
Global Airlines

Global Airlines has sourced the skills and expertise of Hi Fly, the largest Airbus widebody aircraft wet lease specialist in the world. 

Portuguese based Hi Fly were the first company to operate the Airbus A380 in the secondary market and Global Airlines hopes to draw on the firm’s expertise. 

Under the new deal both companies have agreed to work together on the development and maintenance of the four A380 aircraft secured by Global Airlines.  

Global Airlines is looking to accelerate the Entry into Service (EIS) program for the airline’s new fleet with Hi Fly’s help.  

Hi Fly will work with Global on preparing the aircraft for service and help the new carrier “realize its ambition to provide customers with the best way to fly on commercial services, as it prepares for operations”. 

The short-term focus for both organizations are the EIS and Return to Service (RTS) processes for Global’s first aircraft. However, both companies will explore further ways to broaden their collaboration. 

On September 28, 2023, Global Airlines also announced that it expects the first superjumbo A380 to fly to Europe in the months ahead, with a new registration of 9H-GLOBL. 

“This announcement has been a long time in the making, and I’ve said from the start, we at Global want to work with the best, most experienced partners, and Hi Fly are exactly that. The great news for us is that the team at Hi Fly know the A380 inside-out and will be invaluable in helping us with their industry knowledge around the maintenance and technical acceptance required for our first aircraft – all crucial steps before work begins on introducing our new interiors and other vital elements of the Global service and passenger proposition,” James Asquith, CEO and founder of Global Airlines said. 

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