Arizona pilot left terrified after helitour passenger grabs the rotor brake: video

helicopter pilot grab brake
cherlin95 / TikTok

Footage of the terrifying moment a passenger on a helitour grabs the ceiling mounted rotor brake has gone viral after it was shared on social media.

The helicopter pilot immediately pulls the passengers arm away from the brake and subsequently lambasts the unidentified individual.

It is understood that the video was recorded over the Grand Canyon in in Arizona, United States (US).

The footage shows the pilot momentarily pushing the rotor brake upwards, presumably to ensure that it is positioned correctly.

Once he completes the check the passenger places their hands on the mechanism before he quickly pulls their arm away.

Clearly in shock the pilot pulls the microphone away from his mouth and sternly says, “No! No! That will kill us!” while wagging his finger.

In a longer edition of the nine-second viral video the helitour aircraft is seen taking off, with the passengers cheering as the chopper picks up speed and flies over the rugged terrain.

TikTok was itself hugely concerned by the video and issued a warning before the clip is played, saying: “Participating in this activity could result in you or others getting hurt.”

Helicopter rotor brakes are designed to be used on the ground. Once the lever is pulled the aircraft stops the propeller from moving.

Had the passenger pulled the lever the incident would have been devastating for all those on board.

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