Gulfstream G700 shows performance improvements ahead of certification


Gulfstream has continued to make progress towards the certification of its new G700 executive jet, which is expected to enter into service before the end of 2023. 

On September 5, 2023, the American executive jet manufacturer announced that during the aircraft’s testing program, the G700 had delivered better-than-expected performance in terms of range, speed, and cabin altitude. 

In particular, range has increased to 7,750 nautical miles (14,353 kilometers) when flying at a speed of Mach 0.85 and to 6,650 nm (12,316 km) when flying at Mach 0.90. This represents an improvement of 250 nm (463 km) over initial projections. 

The G700’s maximum operating speed has also been revised to Mach 0.935 from Mach 0.925, making the G700 Gulfstream’s fastest jet to date. 

Cabin altitude has decreased by 2,840 feet (866 meters) while flying at 41,000 ft (12,497 meters). Cabin altitude refers to the height equivalent that an airplane’s cabin is pressurized to, so a low cabin altitude means it is closer to conditions on the ground and more comfortable for those on board. 

Gulfstream has used five G700 flight test aircraft and two outfitted production test aircraft during its test program, which has comprised some 4,100 test flight hours.  

The two production test aircraft have toured different locations around the world, including the EBACE executive jet show in Geneva in May 2023 and the Paris Air Show in June 2023

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