Plans to revive Heathrow’s forgotten Concorde as London tourist attraction

Concorde London Heathrow Airport
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A group of aviation enthusiasts are raising money in an audacious bid to bring London Heathrow’s Concorde to Central London as a tourist attraction.  

Dubbed ‘Concorde on the Thames’, the group behind the project are trying to raise funds to revive the supersonic jet to its former glory and exhibit the aircraft on a platform that hovers above the River Thames.  

According to the campaigners the Concorde at London-Heathrow Airport (LHR) has been totally stripped inside and is desperate for a new lease of life so the public can enjoy the incredible aircraft.  

The group are trying to raise £1 million ($1.2M) to cover three planning applications that are needed to ensure the jet has the right paperwork and expertise in place to be moved. 

The aircraft at LHR, known as Concorde Alpha Bravo, has been sitting at the airport since August 2000. 

The team behind Concorde on the Thames hope to galvanize support from politicians, business leaders and the global Concorde fraternity. 

The plans for the exhibit in Central London, close to Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament, include a twin-deck platform, allowing visitors to enter from the riverside on the lower deck with the Concorde positioned above.  

A mock-up photo of what the exhibit would look like shows people walking around at the foot of the Concorde.  

As well as seeing the aircraft from the outside, visitors would be able to step inside and sit down as if they were about to take off for a supersonic flight to New York.  

It is not the first time that a project has been launched to move a Concorde to Central London and sadly previous attempts have ended in failure, but with a new band of aviation enthusiasts taking up the mantle, anything is surely possible.  

To donate to the project visit the team’s GoFundMe page.

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