Iran accuses Israel of supplying faulty parts for its ballistic missile program 

Credit: Tasnim News Agency / Wikimedia Commons

Iran has accused Israel of attempting to ‘sabotage’ its ballistic missile program and defense industry through faulty foreign parts, Iran state media has reported. 

According to the IRNA news agency, an anonymous intelligence official in Iran’s defense ministry has blamed Mossad, the espionage agency of its arch-enemy Israel, for the alleged scheme to sell Iran faulty components that would have caused the missiles to blow up. 

“Despite the very complex plan of the Zionist enemy, this action was under intelligence and operational monitoring from the very beginning and was completely neutralized by the arrest of the network’s agents,” the article’s source was quoted as saying. 

According to Iranian officials, the Israeli operation was “one of the biggest attempts at sabotage” they have ever witnessed. 

In another report covering the event, state military journalist Younes Shadloo said: “This was planted in a part called the connector, which is responsible for connecting the [computer] network of Iranian-made ballistic missiles, as well as drones.” 

“Apparently the part contained a modified explosive kit planted in it and was timed to explode at a certain time,” he added. 

The reports did not specify when the malfunctioning components were found by officials or whether they had previously been used in ballistic missiles. 

Iran has one of the most extensive missile programs in the Middle East. Despite opposition from the US and Israel, it has declared an intention to further develop its ballistic missile program, which it characterizes as a necessary defense measure. 

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