Jetstar fines passenger for wearing extra clothing in luggage ‘hack’ attempt

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A passenger whose travel hack did not fly has been fined after attempting to circumvent an airline’s excess baggage fee. 

Adriana Ocampo and Emily Altamura were traveling on a domestic Australian flight from Melbourne Airport (MEL) to Adelaide Airport (ADL) with Jetstar Australia when they faced the unexpected: that the airline actually checked the baggage weight when checking in.

“Every other time I’ve flown with them they haven’t checked,” Ocampo wrote in the comments of her now viral TikTok video, which has now garnered 1.4 millions views.


And to add to this they cancelled the flight we had before this one

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The TikTok video showed the two passengers laughing as they tried to wear layer after layer of clothing at the airport. 

At one point, Ocampo even tried to stuff her iPad in her pants, which was already fit to burst due to the layers of clothing worn underneath.

The pair’s blatant attempt at wearing their excess baggage did not go undetected by the airline. 

In an interview with Insider, Ocampo said that Jetstar gave them an ultimatum: Remove the 6 kilograms of excess clothing they were wearing and pay a fine, or completely miss their flight.

A Jetstar spokesperson told Insider that while they see the “funny side”,  the airline imposes limits on carry-on to make it fair for everyone.

“Keeping track of how much baggage passengers bring onboard means everyone has room for their belongings and we’re meeting our safety requirements,” Jetstar said.

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