Just cruel: owner abandons dog at Pittsburgh Airport to jet set on holiday

Allegheny County Police Department

Charges await a cruel dog owner who abandoned their pooch at Pittsburgh International Airport (PIT) so that they could depart to go on a holiday.

Police officers from the Allegheny County Police Department (ACPD) who were assigned at PIT airport found the dog unattended in a stroller on airport property at approximately 05:30 local time on August 4, 2023.

The microchip on the dog allowed the officers to locate the owner, who could not be reached. 

Through their investigations, ACPD officers learned that initially, the owner tried to check in with the dog, telling airline staff that their pet was an emotional support animal. 

The owner was told by airline officials, however, that the pet needed to be placed in a proper crate. 

The owner did not have the correct container or a crate, and eventually left the dog in a baby stroller at the airport’s short-term parking area, so they could catch their flight.

ACPD police said in a Facebook post that it contacted the state dog warden, Animal Friends, and turned over the abandoned pooch. 

“Animal Friends was notified of a case involving suspected abandonment at the airport through the Allegheny County Dog Warden and the dog involved was admitted into our care,” Animal Friends said in a statement seen by CBS News. “As this case is under active investigation, we are unfortunately unable to comment at this time about the details of the case or the health status of the dog.”

“Animal Friends’ Humane Society Police Officers are pursuing an investigation into this case and reviewing possible charges. The dog will remain on hold and Animal Friends is pleased to provide the necessary treatment and supportive care the dog needs until this case is resolved,” the pet shelter concluded.

ACPD police said that a charge of animal abandonment is expected to be filed against the dog owner.

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