Korean Air donates $25 million and retired Boeing 747 to LA museum 

Korean Air

The California Science Center, located in Los Angeles, California, has received $25 million from Korean Air to name its Aviation Gallery, which will be part of Samuel Oschin Air and Space Center. The center is currently under construction.  

Korean Airlines has also donated a retired Boeing 747. 

The ‘Jumbo Jet’ will be one of the highlights in an exhibit featuring some 20 historical and iconic aircraft, including the Wright Brothers’ 1902 Glider, a Harrier T4 jump-jet and a F-100 Super Saber fighter jet. 

When presenting the initiative on September 20, 2023, Korean Air chairman Walter Cho highlighted that Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) was the airline’s first United States destination. He also expressed his hope that the gallery will entice young visitors to learn more about aviation and become inspired by the industry.  

“The Los Angeles area has welcomed our airline and it’s an honor to give back to this great community,” Cho said.  

The gallery will feature immersive experiences. For example, the B747 will include a theater on the main deck where visitors can take a simulated flight from Los Angeles to Seoul. 

The gallery will also include a wind tunnel lab where visitors will be able to learn about the physics involved in flying, while a Design-a-Plane exhibit will offer a glimpse into the world of aircraft design and engineering. 

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