Korean Air steps into the virtual world with revolutionary inflight safety video 

Korean Air inflight safety video
Korean Air

In an aviation first, Korean Air has entered the virtual world to create its latest inflight safety video that will be presented to passengers on flights before take-off.  

The five-minute guide is set in a computer-generated space, with a friendly virtual cabin crew member running through safety instructions.  

Korean Air said it hopes that the introduction of virtual humans in its safety video will appeal to all passengers and help ensure they are engaged during a vital part of the flight.  

The inflight safety guide was produced by Metaverse Entertainment, which previously developed the virtual girl group, MAVE, all of whom feature as passengers in the new video. 

The flight attendant, also created by Metaverse Entertainment, is played by Rina, a virtual influencer who is popular on social media and short platform content. 

According to South Korea’s flag-carrier, the video is set in the ‘Korean Air Safety Lounge’, which was designed to make it easier to explain and understand the inflight safety rules.  

Korean Air new safety video
Korean Air

In the safety video, Rina advises passengers on how to store carry-on luggage, wearing a seatbelt, prohibited items during the flight, cabin smoking regulations, procedures in the case of cabin pressure abnormalities, locations of the emergency exits and how to put on a life jacket. 

“This will become a great example of the synergy created between the aviation industry and digital technology. We intend to change perceptions of inflight safety videos with these new ideas, and make them more relatable and engaging for passengers,” a Korean Air representative, said. 

Korean Air will begin playing the new safety video on all flights starting from January 4, 2024, and it has also been released on the airline’s official YouTube Channel too. 

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