Live dog found inside a carry-on bag going through airport x-ray 

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If you thought the story about the stowaway feline found in an airport luggage was cat-tastrophic, you will find this a-Paw-ling: A dog was found inside a carry-on backpack that was going through an airport X-ray machine in Wisconsin.

‘A dog was accidentally sent through the X-ray at MSN (Dane County Regional Airport) this week,’ Transport Security Authority (TSA) Great Lakes said in a Tweet on December 7, 2022.

The tweet included an X-ray image clearly showing the outline of a dog’s body crammed inside the carry-on bag.

A TSA spokesperson confirmed to USA Today that the dog was a Dachshund Chihuahua mix, and though it was “just a little skittish”, it was otherwise unaffected when it came out of the machine.

The spokesperson said that the passenger was not aware of the screening protocols and proper procedures required to travel with pets. 

Animals need to be removed from carrying cases and the empty carrier sent through the screening machine, the TSA declared.

Astonishingly, TSA Great Lakes said that this is not the first time a small dog was found within luggage. In 2015, TSA Northeast tweeted about a Chihuahua that was found inside its owner’s checked-in suitcase.

We encourage everyone to read the TSA’s proper procedure when traveling with pets through an airport. 

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