Locatory.com online marketplace: simplifying aircraft parts procurement


With 12 years of market experience under its belt, Locatory.com is not slowing down. The aviation marketplace for aircraft spare parts and repair capabilities, and a family member of Avia Solutions Group, is a leader in end-to-end capacity solutions for passenger and cargo airlines worldwide.

Since its launch in 2010, Locatory.com has become one of the most important premium aircraft parts marketplaces in the world, with its userbase growing by 20% each month.

“We have been seeing steady growth for a few years now,” says Toma Matutyte, CEO of Locatory.com. “This increase in clientele interest has been driven by the continuous expansion of our spare parts database. Each month it grows by 15% allowing for a wider variety of parts available. And with cost optimization and sustainability on everyone’s mind, the secondary aviation parts market is becoming an increasingly attractive opportunity. In 2022, we have received five times more RFQs (Request for Quotes) when compared to last year, and we are expecting this trend to continue into the next year.”

As a tool for simplified procurement of spare parts, Locatory.com is deeply invested in the digitalisation of the process.

“Our mission is to connect aircraft parts’ buyers and sellers, through seamless transactions via an innovative platform that enables our customers to find, buy, and sell aircraft parts or repair services in commercial, OEM, MRO, military, and general aviation segments across the globe,” Matutyte explains.

“We are focusing on innovation and efficiency, therefore we have already successfully introduced a range of innovative features to our marketplace – Amber, the A.I.-based assistant, being one of them.”

Running a well-oiled online marketplace is not an easy task and so having a strong team behind you is a must.

“We have a truly global team, with people from over 10 countries sharing ideas and expertise in improving the company. We have been steadily expanding by around 15 % each month and there are no plans to slow down.”

By keeping innovation and optimisation as the main driving factors, Locatory.com is constantly working to maintain and surpass the ever-changing needs of the aviation industry.

“Improving spare aircraft parts procurement processes can positively impact the whole aviation industry and so we will continue to create tools to do this,” says Matutyte.

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