London airport scraps 100ml liquid rule and reveals new process for electronics

Airport security check
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Passengers travelling from London-City Airport (LCY) will follow new rules when travelling as they navigate their way through security.  

From March 4, 2023, for the first time since 2006, passengers will be allowed to pass through airport security with fluids, gels and pastes that measure over 100ml. 

Travellers will also no longer have to remove electronic items from their hand luggage or separate toiletries into see-through bags and can take up to two liters of fluids with them.  

The new procedures are thanks to new high-tech scanners that London City Airport has introduced.  

The C3 Scanners are able to take high-resolution 3D images of bags allowing staff to check passenger’s bags from every angle.  

Stringent rules around liquids have been in place for over 15 years after police in the UK foiled a plot by a terrorist group to use liquid explosives to blow up planes.  

In March 2023 Teesside International Airport (MME) became the first in the UK to increase the 100ml limit to two liters. 

Other London airports such as Gatwick and Heathrow plan to introduce the new technology very soon following extensive testing of the equipment for a number of years. 

Chief operating officer at London-City Airport, Alison FitzGerald, told the BBC staff had been retrained in the new technology.  

“The level of processing now through the X-ray is even more secure than it was previously and the machine has the ability to differentiate to between a non-dangerous and a dangerous liquid,” the COO said. “”The whole process is quicker on the basis that previously you needed to empty your bag and put that in multiple trays whereas now it’s one bag in one tray and you don’t need to take everything out.” 

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