Love is in the air: surprise marriage proposals abound airports and planes

Minita Tanner Facebook / @DublinAirport @RegionalGateway Twitter

We feel it in our fingers, we feel it in our toes. Love is indeed all around us. And what could be more romantic than popping the question? 

Recently it seems that love is most certainly in the air after stories emerge of unsuspecting flight attendants and a passenger receiving marriage proposals at airports and inside an aircraft cabin at 30,000 feet.

Passenger participation level: 100

What do you commonly see when you open the aircraft lavatory door in the middle of a flight? Most of the time you will be greeted by a bored passenger waiting their turn. 

But when Minita Tanner exited the aircraft lavatory she was not expecting to be greeted by the sight of her now-fiancé down on one knee holding a ring, and all passengers behind him ready with phone cameras. 

In true rom-com fashion, four participating passengers were holding up separate signs that read “Will you marry me?”

Credit: Minita Tanner Facebook video

Tanner said yes, and the passengers erupted into an applause. 

photo: Minita Tanner

Tanner told AeroTime that they were on an Delta Air lines flight DL 1964 from Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (ATL) to Cancun International Airport (CUN).

A Tayto-approved proposal

Dublin Airport’s T1 arrivals area looked like a scene from Love Actually when a Ryanair cabin crew member was greeted by a surprise proposal from her boyfriend.

The boyfriend was waiting with a bouquet of flowers, and later and later pulled out a ring box from his shoulder bag.

He got down on one knee and popped the question. The teary-eyed cabin crew member cried “Yes!” amid cheers from the airport crowd. 

The newly-engaged couple also received the blessing from Ireland’s much-loved Mr. Tayto, the mascot of Ireland’s iconic potato chip snack, as the proposal occurred in front of a Tayto wall ad. 

Mr. Tayto was so impressed with the proposal that he shared the love and gave out free packets of chips to passengers at Dublin Airport the following day. 

Loved-up Luton

London’s Luton Airport became a scene of love and romance when a well-crafted proposal took place in its arrivals area. While the bride-to-be shared her love story on social media back in February 2022, it was recently picked up by People (June 26, 2023).

London-based Wizz Air flight attendant Debora Delcheva was returning home from a Vienna flight when she saw red rose petals strewn on the floor of the arrivals hall. 

The petals, along with friends and family holding up red balloons, led to her partner Atanas Dimitrov, who was down on one knee in front of block letters that spelled, “Marry me”.

The couple then got into a teary embrace after Delcheva said yes.

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